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Criminal law and procedure

MWR Attorneys at Law offers you specialized advice in criminal law and related areas.

Our criminal lawyers have extensive professional experience in representing and defending the interests of private individuals or legal entities before the criminal authorities, whether it be the police, the Public Prosecutor's Office or the courts.

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Criminal Procedure

In criminal proceedings, having adequate representation and support can be critical to asserting your rights.

It is not always easy to understand the orders and decisions made by the authorities.

Whatever your status, plaintiff or defendant, we accompany and assist you during the investigation, the trial and any subsequent proceedings.

As such, we accompany you to court hearings and represent you in court to contest criminal judgments that are contrary to your interests, whether it is a simple fine, a criminal order or a judgment of conviction.

Criminal complaint

It is not always easy to react and to assert one's rights when one is a victim or injured by a behaviour contrary to the law.

The filing of a criminal complaint, which will form the basis of the procedure, must therefore bring out the essential elements to enable the authorities to prosecute the offences of which you are victims.

We help you to identify the facts that can be apprehended by the criminal law, to determine the adequate means of proof and to file a complaint in the forms and time limits prescribed by the law.

If you have filed a complaint on your own and the criminal authority has dismissed the case, we will assist you in challenging these decisions in court.


Advice on criminal law

We advise you and answer all your questions regarding criminal law.

If necessary, we draw up a legal opinion and carry out a complete analysis of your situation from a criminal point of view.

We help you identify the risks and assess whether you should take legal action with full knowledge of the facts.

We also advise you if you encounter a conflict situation and criminal proceedings could be initiated against you.

Criminal law and procedure

Lawyers specializing in criminal law

Defending your rights

At MWR Avocats, we are committed to defending your interests and asserting your rights in criminal proceedings. We identify with you the best line of defense through a rigorous study of your case and the material elements at our disposal.

Identify your needs

A criminal proceeding can have important consequences on your social, professional and personal life. The lawyers of our firm will listen to you and analyze with you the ins and outs of the procedure, in order to identify your specific needs and act accordingly.

Our experience at your service

The lawyers of our firm have a solid experience in the field of criminal law and its various facets.

We practice legal representation before the police, the public prosecutor's office, the fines department and the courts.

Our team of criminal lawyers in Geneva is thus at your disposal to defend you, assist you and advise you in this field, according to your needs.

Our criminal lawyers have expertise in the following areas

Offences against life

Juvenile criminal law

Offences against physical integrity


Criminal law

Economic criminal law

Offences against honour

Offences against sexual integrity

Road traffic


Questions of criminal procedure

For offences prosecuted on complaint, a criminal complaint must be filed within three months of learning of the offence and the identity of the person responsible.

The complaint can be filed orally if it is logged by the police. It can also be addressed in writing to the criminal authorities.

MWR's lawyers will advise you and accompany you in these steps, as well as during the procedure.

If the attack concerns your physical, psychological or sexual integrity, the LAVI center can provide financial assistance for the first legal consultations.

If you have received a penal order and you do not agree with its content, you have several means of contesting it, depending on your role in the proceedings. However, the time limits for taking action are very short and cannot be extended.

If you are convicted of an offence, you have 10 days to file an objection to the decision.

If you are a victim or complainant and the responsibility of the offender (the defendant) is not recognized, you have 10 days to appeal against the decision.

MWR's lawyers will advise you and accompany you in these steps, as well as during the procedure.

An appearance warrant means that you are summoned to a hearing that you are required to attend.

Anyone who receives a warrant to appear from a criminal authority is obliged to comply with it.

You always have the right to be assisted by a lawyer when you are heard by a criminal authority and the need for representation will depend on the case and your role in the proceedings.

MWR's lawyers are available to advise you, prepare a hearing and assist you in the relevant criminal proceedings.

This depends on your status in the proceedings, but also on your personal or professional situation. Regardless of which criminal authority is conducting your hearing, you have the right to know in what capacity you are being heard.

If you are heard as a defendant, you have the right to refuse to answer all or part of the questions put to you. If you are heard as a witness, you must, unless there is an exception (e.g. professional secrecy), answer the questions put to you.

Finally, if you are heard as a person called to give information, it depends on the procedure and the facts concerned.

Our attorneys are available to help you understand your rights in criminal matters.

Our lawyers specializing in criminal law and procedure

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